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Adminstration Support


Megan Percival
Receptionist and Trust Account Administrator

Megan has been the face of the firm since 2006 and balances her busy first impression duties with her important responsibilities as the firm's trust account administrator. Megan's background was in the banking and local government sectors from which she gained certificates in Accounting Principles and Practices. The firm's clients and associates enjoy Megan's personal, warm and inviting approach and there are not many people who come in the front door whom Megan does not know by name and none who do not receive a welcome akin to an old friend. Megan's eye for detail and appreciable talent for reconciliation make her an excellent trust account administrator and credit control support. Away from the office Megan can be seen skiing in the McKenzie country, camping in Otago's regions, indulging her interest in interior design and supporting the local music scene.

Contact Megan by email: meganp@deanlaw.co.nz


Kate Ackroyd
Deeds Clerk

Kate has qualifications as a legal secretary, receptionist and trust account administrator and has gained experience in law firms across New Zealand, Australia and Scotland. She also worked as the deputy registrar and marriage registrar for the Ministry of Justice in Queenstown for five years. The important role Kate fulfils with Dean & Associates is currently as a deeds clerk in which she, together with the general manager, are undertaking considerably large re-systemisation and paperless office projects. In her free time Kate enjoys involving herself in community volunteer work, downhill mountain biking, exploring the countryside and hiking with her husband.

Contact Kate by email: katea@deanlaw.co.nz


Kimberley Brown
Junior Secretary

Kimberley joined the firm recently in the role of junior legal secretary and is expeditiously establishing herself as an exceptionally talented member of Dean & Associates. Kimberley works primarily in the areas of private client, estate and litigation support, however is gaining experience across the board as a floating resource for the administration team. Kimberley has quickly gained the confidence of the firm and has been entrusted with managing special projects such as marketing and stationery rebranding, PowerPoint displays and organising firm culture events. Along with an early morning fitness regime, creating bespoke culinary creations and enjoying film and theatre are Kimberley's propensities.

Contact Kimberley by email: kimberleyb@deanlaw.co.nz