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Don't be rushed in to signing an offer for purchase

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Ben Coleman
Property Law
Carol Robertson, a Senior Solicitor here at Dean & Associates has a legal tip to pass on:
Buying or selling a property? Our conveyance fee includes our initial meeting with you through to the completion of settlement. Make sure your interests are protected by running your sale and purchase Agreement by us for review before you sign it. We will discuss any conditions and help you understand the process of buying and selling without the stress from setting unrealistic deadlines to complete your due diligence and finance requirements. Don’t be tempted or rushed into signing a sale and purchase Agreement without first taking legal advice. Once an Agreement has been signed it is legally binding and any changes to the terms and conditions need to be agreed to by the parties.
If you need any assistance buying or selling a property, please do not hesitate to contact Carol or any of the team on (03) 434 5128.